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Custom Outdoor Drapes Information

Combination Drapes, top tab drapes, rod pocket drapes, grommet drapes

We strive to make the pricing and style options simple. We do this to satisfy your needs in the best way possible so you know exactly what you are getting when you buy from us.

Below, you will find the styles of all the outdoor drapes we custom make using high-performance furniture grade fabrics. If you would like for us to use your fabric, we offer this option as well.

Rod Pocket Outdoor Drapes

Our rod pocket drapery is our most popular design! The clean lines make rod pocket drapes a superior choice for any outdoor area. Each custom rod pocket drape is made with your specified pocket size to accommodate a wide range of wooden or metal rods. The majority of drapery rods come ¾" in diameter (metal) to 2" in diameter (wood). Our custom rod pocket outdoor drapes are hemmed on all sides, and folded over at the top, to allow a wood or metal rod to slide through.

If you are looking for uncluttered lines in your drapes, rod pocket drapes are a fabulous choice. This style of drape is known for its eye-catching appearance, opened or closed. Rod pocket curtains are attractive, easy to maintain, and sure to complement any space inside and outside your home.

Grommet Outdoor Drapes

A grommet drape is a decorative drape made out of unpleated fabric with stylish, large circular rings known as grommets, which are sewn at the top and easily slide onto a stationary rod. Grommet drapes are easy to install. Custom outdoor grommet drapery is hemmed on all sides and folded over on the top for 2-3" metal grommets. The grommets allow your drapes to open and close with ease and not get caught on the curtain rod. Our grommet drapes are simply pulled back to open, making these the best choice when it comes to functionality.

Grommet drapes offer a trendy look to any space because the circular ring grommets serve as an accent piece for your drapery hardware. If you want to show off your drapery rod, this is an excellent pick. Grommet drapes add a sophisticated look to your outdoor and indoor dfcopy;cor.

Tab Top Outdoor Drapes

A tab top drape can be made from any fabric you select on our website. For a simple and classic style, custom tab top draperies are a perfect match to complete your space. Tab top drapes create a contemporary look that also showcases your drapery hardware selection. No rings or hooks are required because the tabs are sewn at the top. The tabs can come in contrasting colors, adding dimension and design to match your room's personality. Because of their design, tab top drapes are typically used in situations where they will not be opened and closed frequently. The tab top drapes create a pleat from the natural fold where the drape is gathered. A popular design idea with tap top drapes is to contrast panels and incorporate several colors and fabrics to add flavor and creativity. These drapes offer a less formal and modern style to your outdoor space.